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Part 1:

[Here, Luceti. Have an early Christmas present - yet another silly, clueless New Feather, fooling about around the fountain in highly fashionable cotton trousers.

Now, Mr. Bean had discovered his journal fairly early after he woke up and had picked it up, but that pain in his back had started to bother him a bit fairly early on. Oh, and the fact that he's half naked. Yeah. That's annoying. So the newbie had set the book down and begun to feel around his back.

Right now, Bean is tugging at one of his wings, convinced that whatever has been glued to him is going to come off if he pulls hard enough. But it's hurting a lot to pull, which is making the job harder. Still, he must try harder! He pulls and pulls at his wing, feeling sharp pains and nausea in the process and eventually pulls so hard that he stumbles off across the square and collapses awkwardly in a heap. Scrambling to his feet after a moment, he shivers and rubs his arms. Snow is cold.

He needs to think of something else! But what? Oh, here's an idea: Bean tries to look at what it is stuck to his back, but he can only just see a feathery tip. What are these? He'll just turn his head trying to see, until he's turning his whole body and spinning around in circles like a dog chasing after its tail.

Feel free, Lucetians to find him during these shenanigans.]

Part 2:

[Later on, Bean can be found fully dressed in his trademark tweed suit and tie around the village. He'll be in the item shop, frantically digging through the objects there, clearly looking for something. He can be found in other places, such as the bakery or at the library poring through his journal with looks of wonderment.]
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For any conversation or messages to be left for Mr. Bean that aren't important enough to warrant a whole new post.

Make sure to specify the date and the type of post (voice, action etc.) to avoid any confusion/continuity explosions.
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Have anything to say about how I'm RPing Mr. Bean? Go ahead and tell me about it. Good or bad feedback is appreciated, just try and make any criticism constructive.

Anon is on, screening anon comments is on. IP logging off. If I've done it right, that is.


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